Rockstart, spreading over the world

The full interview (very bad sound quality)


So who are you and what do you do?

My name is Oscar and I’m the founder of Rockstart, I founded this company a little less than 5 years ago. To build a machine, great startup machine. To support founders to build companies for the first 1000 days. And the typical challenges they might have. Support them with facilities, money, acceleration and events.
We now have around 3000 square meters and over 50 companies, 250 people. And we’re just opening up in Singapore and expading to Europe.
why do you do it?
Because i Love what startups stand for. Every person want to be independant and controll their own life. The most direct way to do that is to start your own company. You don’t have to wait for someone else to help you. Our motto is to step forward, take charge. The most direct way is to start a company. I’ve learned that from building companies before.
what’s your passion?
Good question. The original spark was, I sold my last company in 2008. And i reflected a little bit about what I loved to do before. I wanted to start something from the bottom, that’s the main thing. To start with nothing. My passion would be to start something from nothing, having done that a couple of times in my life, i thought hey i can do that. But let’s help others start something from nothing. My passion would be to be close to where things are happening.
What values do you stand for?
Next to being an entrepreneur im a yogi aswell. I always say, the two things you should do in your life is at some point is to start a company or to practice yoga. And if you can do both at the same time, that’s perfect. It’s about unlocking potential. Making other things available for as many people as we can where it has the most effect and be the humble startup servant in that process. One of the values is always be humble and let others build on something that is bigger than themselves. As a founder you quickly identify with what  you do, but don’t get attached to results.
What is your biggest failure?
I was ignoring my intuition in specific cases by pushing it away rationally. I don’t believe in failures, some stuff just doesn’t work out. But on a personal level i think that i should always give first way for intuition. It’s also one of the values make sure you’re always in a situation where you can use intuition. Instead of all this rationalizing and data analysis, because building a company is not about data analysis. Because if it was, anyone would build a company but you can’t predict what’s going to happen.
What is your best tip to be able to listen to your intuition?
Rise early and meditate. Take an hour and just sit. Spend time with yourself. Sit up straight and practice yoga, go for a run or whatever. Take a mental shower every morning. Some people think “But what if i spend one more hour on my project i will be more succesfull”, but i think you should go back to the source.
What is the next step for Rockstart?
Globalization. We’re focusing on 3 different sectors right now web/mobile, smart energy and we’re launching digital health this september. We’ve spread out the event Rockstart answers around europe, we’re in almost 18 countries, we’re opening up a hub in singapore. That’s the first step, next it south america, south africa and then we’re covering 3 time zones 24-hours per day. We want to see if we can offer more value than we have today. I think we can move up in the value chain by offering  more to a large number of small companies. We’re spreading vertically and horizontally.

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