A week before the tour

Here I am, depraved of sleep for a couple of weeks, drinking coffee to stay awake and trying to write something of value. It’s only one week to go until we kickstart the tour by driving from Stockholm – London. On sunday the 21st I’ll be picking up my car from Audi unite. I have been in discussions with Audibloggen to cover some of the stories that I’ll collect along the way. So here I am, trying to make the last preparations before the trip starts. But this week I’m also working at Emax, a conference week for young entrepreneurs. They’ll get inspiration and lots of great networking together with lectures and workshops over a weeks time. I’ve been involved in Emax since 2012 when I myself was a participant. But right now, it takes a lot of energy and focus from my trip.

My hope is that through this blog you’ll be able to get inspiration, tips, contacts, offers and a good read every now and then. I’ll share failures and successes during my trip, and I’ll try to keep you posted about everything I do every week. And every saturday I will be doing a summary of the week and my ventures together with Startup Cabin. So every week, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening through Youtube episodes.

But now I’m way to tired to write anything else, so this will be the end of it.

Keep being awesome!


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