Rotterdam, the city where they do things!

Hey guys!
Since the last time I wrote we have managed to travel from London to Rotterdam and now we’re temporarily in Amsterdam. We feel we missed out a bit of stuff in London and we might actually go back later during the trip to visit some more cool co-working spaces and do some interviews. I do have one recap of some of the things we did in London. We did a energizer workshop for the people over at Seenit, and some people from UCL decided to join in. I want to share with you a really good toolbox that is really helpful in many ways. It’s the Hyper Island toolbox¬†– Here you can find energizers, ideation workshops, tools, methods and other cool stuff. Check it out!


And I’ve also gathered all the energizers in one printable PDF that you can download here. Here’s a short video of us doing an energizer called Human machine.

We left London Friday and managed to get to Rotterdam, where we stayed with our amazing host Lucas, head of Startup Grind Rotterdam. In Rotterdam we went to an amazing co-working space called Kleinhandel¬†right in the middle of Rotterdam, next to the central station. Perfect place with lots of space. So if you’re looking to getting a new office, you should definately check it out. The meetup we went to over there was the Lean Startup Circle, they have a very interesting format which is relaxed and where you can share experiences, no need to be an expert. These guys will make you feel welcome no matter what, and you get the chance to help others and learn a lot from eachother. Check it out if you ever swing by!


We have also managed to interview a few people, and some of the interviews will be coming soon to the blog aswell as a longer guide to the London startup scene, so stay tuned.

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