Arriving in Copenhagen

We just arrived here in Copenhagen after driving from Berlin yesterday. We also met a fellow Startup Grinder, Julia in Berlin. She’s going to dive deeper into the Berlin startup scene for a month, so we shared some of our tips with her and then we headed of towards Denmark.


We arrived around 23:30 and we just hoped we’d be lucky enough to get a bed at the hostel we slept at the last time we were here. Unforunately, every hostel in town seems to be fully booked for some reason. So we had to be a bit creative with finding a place to sleep. We managed to shuffle around the stuff in our car so we could fold the backseats down and sleep with our feet inside the trunk of the car. To be honest, it worked really good! The only thing was that it was a bit uncomfortable since we didn’t have anything soft underneath us to sleep on. It was a great experience though. Now we’re getting ready to meet some of the entrepreneurs here in Copenhagen. First stop is the HUB.


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