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So, my name is Oskar and I’m planning a Euro-trip the summer of 2015 stretching from June – July / August and I want to meet you and experience your city! My objective is to see what’s going on in Europe in the tech, entrepreneur and start-up scene. What are some of the struggles right now, what is happening in Europe and in the world? I want to meet interesting people, talk to industry leaders and promote cool start-ups that are changing the world for the better. And in the end I hope to connect with someone who might offer me and internship in november. I will travel around and hold a cool workshop/lecture about things i do. Is there anything cool happening in your city? Is there anyone i should meet while I’m there? Do you want to hang out and cook together or just have a chat? I’m up for just about anything!

Please give me a heads up and I’ll make sure to come visit you when I’m passing by!
Here’s my email:

This is my rough plan for the trip right now:

London:                      22 – 25 june
Amsterdam:               26 – 28 june
Paris:                           28 june – 2 july
Zürich:                        2 – 6 july
Milan:                         6 – 9 july
Munich:                      9 – 13 july
Berlin:                        13 – 18 july
Hamburg:                  20 – 24 july
Berlin:                        25 – 31 july
Copenhagen:             6 – 10 august

You can also view a map here:

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