Zurich, the startup hub where you date other entrepreneurs

The spirit in Zurich

Everyone here is very welcoming, and you can see that it’s a place where a lot of international people gather and share their experience. Zurich is similar to Berlin but more down to earth in one way. It’s a pretty small place where it’s easy to get around (both physically and in the sense of being a startup) and get to know the people around you.


The Impact hub in Zurich for example hosts a lof of events where they invite their members to get to know eachother a bit more. Which can be very hard when you’re focused on your own business and trying to make the most out of your time in the office. The hub even has their own beer! So if you want to get to know the people around you in the startup scene, impact hub is a great place to start.


I would recommend small startups working with digital solutions and community based solutions to scale to Zurich. This place is great for small/medium startups who want to focus on community and building organic growth through excited customers. One cool example of a company that has made it’s mark around the world is Freitag, a clothing company working with only recycled material. They basically turn old tires and materials in to amazing new bags, shirts and accessories.


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