Your Startup Guide to London

The London startup scene

It’s been a few weeks since we were in London, but I thought I would sit down and gather the information we have in order to deliver a small startup guide for anyone going to London or for anyone who might want to scale their business there.


The hubs of London

London is a booming startup city with lot’s of possibilities. If you’re not part of the Impact hub network, you should definately become a member here in London. There’s three different hubs located around the city. We visited the hub located in westminister, right next to trafalgar square. You can read more about that hub in this post we did a while back here.


Here’s the different hubs:

The hub located in Kings cross is part of the Impact hub scaling program, we did an interview with Davide, the scaling manager of Milano. Check it out here if you want to know a little bit more about the caling program.


The startup area

When you go to London, there’s a specific area that is concentrated with a lot of movement, communities and startups.  The area is located around worship street, as shown on the map.

What to find here:

  • You have the Google Campus London in the heart of this area. Here anyone can easily become a member online, go there during office hours (9-5) and sit and work closely with others. They have very good internet access and a nice café where you can grab a coffee while you’re working. (Photos)
  • You can also check out IDEA London which is a co-working space with lots of great high-growth startups focused on digital solutions. UCL, DC thomson and Cisco are the main pillars supporting this cool venue filled with ideas that could change the world. Check out the interview we did with UCL.
  • The London Tech Hub is also located in the heart of this area, in the same building as the Google Campus. The perfect spot if you’re a tech startup and want to meet, learn, work and collaborate.
  • Closeby there’s a really cool café called the Grind, there’s a possibility to crowdfund the café and get a loyalty card. Check it out here!


Drinks and networking

If you’re more in the mood to network and drink a few beers you should check out Silicon Drinkabout London, hosted by 3 beards. 3 beards is a group that develops the community and startup network globally. Check out this video explanation.

Startup Grind London

Startup Grind is a global network in 175 cities and 70 different countries. It’s a great way to get deeper into the network anywhere around the world. If you want to make friends rather than contacts, have fun and learn a lot. You should definately check out Startup Grind London.


Meetups to check out

In London there’s a bunch of great meetup groups. Here’s a few groups you should check out.

That’s a short introduction to the London Startup Scene. If you have any tips, tricks or things to share with us, please let us know so we can keep adding things and make this list even better!

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