The Conneqtour is over, but the work just started

I’ve been really bad at balancing work and documentation during this tour. I have to be honest. But I am now back in Stockholm, and as I see it, the tour has only started. Reflecting back at how the work has been done, I think I could have done a lot of things differently. And I now see that a team of people would have been needed in order to produce what I wanted (and thought I could) produce. The last leg of the tour was basically the most important part, this is where me and my partner are now focusing our combined interests. I went around the south of sweden and Oslo for a bit to connect to people that have a lot of synergies with what we’re trying to do. We also went by Copenhagen in order to connect to some of the changemakers and highrollers of the Danish startup scene. For example, we visited Founders house, a part of the Startup village in Copenhagen. Startup village and Founders house is one part of a grassroot movement started by the Danish entrepreneurs – #CPHFTW. Copenhagen FTW is “your point of entry to the tech startup scene of Copenhagen”. A really cool way of organizing and combining all the common resources and share them in a way that benefits everyone who is part of the organization. One thing coming up in Copenhagen for example is the Startup Safary, check it out.


Why is this important? When I say that the work has just started, I mean that the Conneqtour is only one step in what we at Conneqtify is trying to create. A project that is close to my heart, which will probably take most of my time, is to connect the nordics in one big community. Here’s a short summarize that I sent to my partner in order to explain what this means to me.


The Nordics has a possibility to create an environment for startups and entrepreneurs to not just grow, but to actually be in a space they can call their home. The Nordic countries are known to produce some of the most innovative and creative people in the industry. However, we are not connecting to each other in a way that could benefit all of the Nordic countries as a whole community. Connecting Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark would create a community of 25 million people with the potential to lead the change. The Nordics has a potential to be the environment where companies that make life easier  and better could grow and flourish. We would be able to use a collective pool of resources, tools, platforms and perspectives in order to become even better, as a whole, and create an environment that could complement, co-exist and compete with areas like Silicon Valley.


Conneqtify has a potential to be the objective facilitator of a community like this. Working with developing tools, processes and platforms for startups to be able to do what they do in a more efficient way. Connecting the people together and lower the physical borders between the Nordic countries. We’re already facilitating international communities like Startup Grind, working with communities like Impact hub and Stockholm tech. Joining forces with places like Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen could create a culture of knowledge sharing between our countries.


The first step in this process is to start the conversation and understand the needs and behaviors of the Nordic Startup community. An effective way to do this would be to invite the changemakers, communitybuilders and startups of the Nordics for a conference where we could express our thoughts and ideas together in order to set the expectations of what a Nordic Startup Community should do to help it’s peers.


What I notice coming back to Sweden and to Stockholm is that the Conneqtour has been a really good way to get the wheels moving. Now we just have to harness that power and create a shared vision of what we want this Nordic community to mean to us. The agenda now is to take this first step and open up a conversation about what we want to co-create in order to help everyone grow together.


If you’re interested in building a Nordic Community or know anyone we should connect with or if you’re just curious. Please, join the conversation and get in touch with me!