London is cool.. But Westminister takes the cake

We just arrived in London, and this city is amazing! But it’s extremely hard to drive here. I don’t recommend going into central London with a car if your used to driving on the right side of the road. But here we are, and everything is perfect. The weather is awesome, the amazing Liene from[…]


A week before the tour

Here I am, depraved of sleep for a couple of weeks, drinking coffee to stay awake and trying to write something of value. It’s only one week to go until we kickstart the tour by driving from Stockholm – London. On sunday the 21st I’ll be picking up my car from Audi unite. I have been[…]


Testing the waters

I’ve been working very hard these last couple of weeks. What just started as an interrail trip through Europe has now become something bigger than that. Hard work, perseverance and good friends have made my trip this summer possible. So since the last time I updated something, a lot has happened. First of all we[…]