Berlin – Round 2

We just arrived in Berlin again after a quick detour to Poland and Czhech Republic. We decided we wanted a mini vacation with some history. We visited the concentration camp Auschwitz, Birkenau in Poland and it was a horrifying thing to see. It’s good that we get reminded everyday what happend there not so long ago so we never forget what happened.


We still had a few days before going to Berlin so we went to Prague, visited the hub in prague (which is the biggest impact hub in the world apparently!), they have around 600 members and they’ve been going strong for 5 years now. The most common members are the ones in the IT, marketing and HR sector. As a part of the hub in prague you also have access to the hub in Brno and another hub in the Czech Republic.


Right now I’m sitting at the Impact Hub Berlin where I just got a tour around the place. It’s really cool! They just moved two months ago and we missed the housewarming party unfortunately.


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