A small startup guide to Rotterdam/Amsterdam

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The Netherlands, a place where people give!

A few weeks back we visited Rotterdam & Amsterdam. There’s so much to be said about each city individually but I’m doing this as one post to give a quick overview of the startup scene in the netherlands. So first of all, I can’t thank our host Lucas enough for showing us around and giving us a possibility to meet with some great people, thanks Lucas! It just shows how the startup scene is really working in the netherlands overall.

The hubs in Rotterdam & Amsterdam

First of all you have the Impact hubs, a great place and a great global network to connect with other likeminded people.

  • Impact hub Rotterdam
    located at 1ste Middellandstraat 103, 3021 BD Rotterdam really close to the central station of Rotterdam.
  • Startup foundation
    Also located really central in Rotterdam, this place is sparkling with imagination and a great community. As a member you can affect the way the hub works and get your voice heard. You can definately expect a great community, nice facilities events and workshops.
  • Erasmus centre for entrepreneurship noun_766
    This is a tower filled with events, really cool startups like Symbid a platform for the future of funding. We did an interview with them, check it out here! If you want to know more about Ece you should talk to Gianluca Bellan, a really cool guy that takes care of what’s happening withing Ece.
  • Kleinhandel noun_766
    A really cool and fairly new started co-working space 200 meters from the central station in one of Rotterdams oldest buildings. This place is huge! Here you can find blndr a really cool startup working with making life a little bit more fun with pictures. If you’re lucky, you can also find the Lean Startup Circle meetup here sometimes.
  • RDM campus Rotterdam
    A campus where innovation grows through business, education and reasearch. This is where applied science is visualized in an attractive way. Check it out if you’re planning on going to Rotterdam.
  • Dutch Game Garden
    If you’re a gamer and interested in getting to know other passionate gamers in the netherlands, you need to check this out.
  • Rockstart noun_766
    This place has been rocketing it’s way into the startup scene since it started just 4-5 years ago. We had the chance to meet the founder Oscar. Check out the short interview we did with him here (sorry for the bad sound quality). Rockstart offers events, talks and co-working together with some of the best startups you can find. They’re expanding globally and will soon be in a city near you. They focus on helping where help is needed, they want to grow the parts of the world that no one else is focusing on. One example of startups hosted here is Peerby, a really cool community driven tool for borrowing the things you need from your neighbours.
  • Yes!Delft noun_766
    This is a huge hangar located a bit outside of Rotterdam. This place hosts some of the most amazing and world changing innovations within hardware. If you need to grow your hardware business and have a focus on sustainable solutions, this is the place to go to. Check out the interview we did with them.

Startup Grind Rotterdam

Startup Grind Rotterdam is directed by the amazing Lucas van Ardenne together with Raffi from the interview at Yes!Delft. This is a must when you come to Rotterdam and want to get deeper into the startup scene.

Meetups to check out


This is a great city if you’re up and coming in the tech or hardware industry. You’ll be able to meet some of the most amazing entrepreneurs when it comes to social innovation and sustainable solutions. There’s a lot of things happening in Rotterdam right now and it’s a good time to grow with the rest of the community. The one that is missing is the global perspective. If you’re starting here, you need to prove your concept in Amsterdam aswell to get global recognition.


The heart of the creative community, Amsterdam has a lot to offer you as a startup. Here you can grow your business in an already existing and strong startup scene. You’ll meet the elite of the international startups. The downside is that Amstedam is already crowded with a lot of startups trying to do the same thing. It’s hard to diversify yourself from the others. You need a strong niche and a good community of  fans around you to be able to get the most out of this amazing city.

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